Recruiting and Promotion

​Recruit Promotion and Test Preparation Services

 Stacey Simmons Enterprises will provide a recruit promotion service for a low one time fee. This fee will include the construction of a detailed athletic profile to the target schools of the athlete’s choice. We will assist in this process by giving our recommendation on level of play and providing the resources necessary to target particular regions or conferences. We will then use this information to send the profile to 100 schools determined through our evaluation process. We will continue to do updated mailings three times per year until the athlete has graduated We will continue to provide our services through junior college and prep school enrollment. We will not stop until our athletes are satisfied with their college choice. After the initial mailings we will send highlight film upon request and do whatever it takes to get our athletes the scholarships they deserve. If an athlete does not have a highlight tape produced by their high school coach we will have a highlight tape created for an additional fee. Personal Training clients will receive a discount on this fee as we would like to provide our athletes with the “total package” for receiving a scholarship to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

As an extension of this service, we will also provide SAT and ACT test preparation services to our athletes. A higher test score can open the doors for many different options in college athletics especially at the division I level. We will offer this service through an independent contracting system much like that of our Sport Specific Training. By contracting high school teachers as well as outstanding college students from the area, we will be able to provide our athletes with an all encompassing test prep course that is tailored to their busy schedule. This preparation course will run 2 to 3 times per week for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the level of the student athlete. Our teachers will continue to work beyond this format as needed in order to ensure the highest score possible for our student athletes. The service will be provided for a one time fee with 20% paid to Stacey Simmons Enterprises for the referral. This fee will be determined by whether or not the athlete is an existing client.

For student athletes enrolled in or recruit promotion services who accept either non-scholarship division I offers or partial scholarship or division III offers, we will assist them in securing outside scholarship opportunities to mitigate the cost of their education.

Through our Recruit Promotion and Test Preparation services pairs with our Athletic Training services, we will provide everything necessary to achieve our athlete’s ultimate goal of competing at the next level!

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