Some Notable Alumni and Recent College Signings:

Darvell Huffman- Indianapolis Colts
Dennis Mitchell- USA Track
Ernie Mills- Pittsburg Steelers
AJ Solito- Georgia Tech
Devin Perkins- Marshall
Dominic Bell- Grambling
Ricky Hunter- Bethune Cookman
Dominique Jacobs- Oklahoma
Jalisa Foster- Flagler
Sam Smith- Delaware State, MEAC Defensive Player of the Year
Zeonte Sherman- Arizona State
Jeremiah Chambliss- Virginia
Colin McCarthy- Miami; Baltimore Ravens
Riley Cooper- Florida; Philadelphia Eagles
Anthony Cochran- West Georgia
Adarius Bellamy- Univ. South Florida
Anthony Sneed- Arena Football
David Green- Canadian Football League
Chris Campbell- FIU
Kelly Campbell-USF (soccer)
Soloman Johnson- South Dakota 

 Paul Freedman- Virginia
Jay Campara- John Carrol
Kyle Rettig- Brown
Nathan Lenz- Columbia
Joe Smiley- John C. Smith University
Allen Gamble- Azusu Pacific
Leonard Johnson- Iowa State Univ, TB Buccaneers
Jeremiah George- Iowa State Univ
Jarrett Fisher- Quincy University/UCF
Billy Henderson- Univ. South Florida
Kellie Campbell- Univ. South Florida (soccer)
Ryan Epps- Univ. South Florida
Jennifer Opper- Piedmont College (volleyball)
Nathan Diehl- Jacksonville University
Joe Marshall- Delta State University
Fred Marshall- Delta State University
Nick Newton- Presbyterian; W. Kentucky
Chase Vaughan- Presbyterian
Tanner Wozniak- FIU (basketball)
Joey De La Rosa- FIU (basketball)
Jeremie Powell- Univ. of Florida
 Marquis Glen- UCF (track)
Brandon Leston- W. Kentucky
Fred Marshall- Delta State 

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